Sunday, August 19, 2012

Manu Samhita

"Manu Samhita" is one of the pillars of the Hindu religion. There is no clue how old this work is. As a religion, Hinduism is not controlled by any single religious book. It is actually some traditions that controls the day to day rituals of a Hindu. These traditions are found in "Smriti Sastra"s. Manu Samhita is the oldest backbone of such formulee.
This is the first time "Manu Samhita" is being uploaded in Bengali version. This is an exclusive upload of "" or "".



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  2. Manu samhita is the proof of inhumanity against the human being. It discriminates and divides the people so that ups and downs are created and prevailed for a long time until somebody go against this. this book must be band immediately otherwise a riot between brahmins and sudras can flaris ultimately which can destroy the brahminical society of India. Please be aware of this.- Sri Bhagaban.